Safety Guidelines

Concerning mobile phones; It has come to our attention that carrying a mobile phone with you whilst out hunting is a useful safety device for those involved in an accident or lost. Please note that large objects carried in breast pockets may cause additional injury during a fall. We would recommend some alternative method of carriage such as a saddle bag.



Riding to Bloodhounds is a high-risk sport. From time to time it is inevitable that accidents will happen, whether or not it is the fault of the rider or of any of those otherwise concerned, including ourselves.

For this reason we make it a condition that anyone coming out with us must have read carefully and must observe the safety requirements which follow.

Insurance Recommendations

We strongly recommend that:

  • You insure yourself whilst out with the Bloodhounds against all risks including any claims which may be made against you arising out of your participation in the day's hunting, from injury, loss or damage caused to any rider or third party sustained in the course of or as a result of hunting however or by whomsoever.
  • You insure yourself and your horse against all risks including injury, loss or damage sustained in the course of or as a result of hunting however or by whomsoever caused, including ourselves and whether or not anyone is to blame.  

    We draw to your attention that

    If you become a member of The Countryside Alliance you can, through such membership, readily obtain suitable insurance cover. If you do not already have the cover as above recommended you should be in touch with The Countryside Alliance immediately in order to put this into effect.

    Safety Requirements

    The requirements that follow are intended to minimize the risk of those involved and are given in the best interest of the rider.

    It is important that you realize that the type of Lines that we are now riding is suitable only for experienced riders and experienced horses. Accordingly, if you wish to bring out a horse of limited experience, you should not do so unless you have had a discussion with one of the Masters who is responsible for the day in order to find out if the Line is suitable for your horse. There will be Second Field Masters to escort less experienced riders/horses.

    A Safety Officer and Assistant Safety Officer to be appointed to help ensure this Safety Code is complied with. If you have doubt about any aspect relating to safety, please ensure you clarify this with the safety Officer of the Day.



    The headgear, which should be worn, is a hunting cap of the established crash helmet variety with fitted safety harness conforming with British Safety Standards or a properly fitted hunting hat with safety harness.


    Whenever possible spread out at a fence and never ride immediately behind the horse in front. Always ride straight at a fence. A horse ridden at an angle may cross the path of others and put them at risk. If your horse attempts to refuse or refuses, do your best to keep him going on a straight line, do not run down the fence. When a horse in front of you has fallen, you must jump the fence at a safe distance away from the faller.

    Visitors & Guests

    The onus is on a member to ensure his visitor / guest is suitable to come out and is aware of all conditions, before they become a visitor/guest.

    Loose Horses

    These must be caught at the earliest possible moment. If necessary the field must stop to enable this to be done.


    All gates must be shut. If you go through a gate, either shut it or ensure that somebody behind you will do so.

    Keep to the Line

    The direction of the line has been carefully worked out with the Farmer beforehand. If by any chance you get left behind, follow either the path of the Line or go back the way you have come. Alternatively wait for the Gate-Shutter to escort you. DO NOT take a Line of your own.


    If you cause serious damage to any fence or break a rail, you must inform one of the Masters immediately. (Preferably The Field Master on the day).


    Drivers of these are requested to ensure that the highway is kept clear at all times. There have occasionally been complaints as a result of boxes following the hounds along the roads and stopping at each check. This has caused considerable obstruction and is a practice which must not continue.

    Minors (U18's)

    All children must wear, when out with the Bloodhounds, protective hats and back protectors, as required by the Pony Club. No minor to come out unless his/her guardian has read the Safety Code to the minor and signed it on the minor's behalf. The minor is advised to be a Member of The Countryside Alliance to comply with the above; and has on their person their name and address and phone number.

    In consideration of being permitted to hunt with The Farmers Bloodhounds I confirm on my own behalf that:

    I recognize that hunting is a high-risk sport and that, whilst The Farmers Bloodhounds through its officials and employees will endeavor to reduce the risks for those hunting, it cannot always guarantee that its risk reduction system will have been fully complied with or that some human error will not occur.

    I have read and shall comply with the conditions of hunting with The Farmers Bloodhounds.

    The value of horses differs significantly and cannot be expected to be known by the Masters and Officers of The Farmers Bloodhounds. Accordingly, in the event of injury or death to my horse or any other horse ridden by me, whether due in part or full to any error, neglect or default on the part of The Farmers Bloodhounds, its officials or employees, I will not hold The Farmers Bloodhounds its officials or employees responsible for such injury or death or any consequential expenses. I further agree that it is my sole responsibility to arrange effective insurance cover in respect thereof and (where I do not myself own the horse which I am riding) to indemnify and save harmless The Farmers Bloodhounds its official or employees against any claim or claims made by the owner of any horse ridden.

    Click here to print off our disclaimer which all members must sign and hand in to Belinda or ladies on the gate (pdf file)