Rupert Checkley

Senior Master - Rupert took on the FBH in 2020. A keen horseman Rupert has hunted for many years. Rupert is often seen riding his grey mare Penny or his lovable chestnut Enzo. Rupert and his family are based in Worcestershire and host some of the newest meets on the card. Make sure you say hello when you see him out as he loves to meet new riders and subscribers. The sport of Bloodhounding is Ruperts passion and he always wants to ensure that the field have the best day out! 

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Claire Dyson

Master - Claire has joined the management team of the Farmers Bloodhounds. Claire brings a wealth of hunting and equestrian experience to the team. As a racehorse trainer and equine rehabilitation specialist Claire is well placed to ensure that horses and riders have a great day.Claire has become infamous this season as leader of the 2nd field, not one to miss a jump even the non jumping rider will have had a go with her support and by the end of the day leave beaming at their achievements. 

Oscar Wood

Huntsman -Oscar is a young huntsman with a passion for horses and hounds. A natural ability with hounds ensures that the pack follow his lead and act on his every word. Oscar works hard to ensure the highest welfare standards for the Farmers Bloodhounds and is committed to their fitness and education. A competent horseman and thrill seeker make Oscar the perfect man for the job!

Heather Moodie

Field Master - Heather joined as a Master in 2018/19. Heather  has been involved in the horse industry all of her life. Running a livery yard, buying, selling horses and teaching. Heather leads the field with confidence and skill. She says that the best thing about field mastering is seeing everyone else enjoying themselves, gaining in confidence and improving their abilities. A true leader of the pack!

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Emma Deverall

Field Master - Emma is an experienced hunter having field mastered and whipped in for the FBH. She says that bloodhounding gives you such a buzz, appropriately named her main horse is called Buzz! Emma is looking forward to leading the field and encouraging old and new bloodhounders on Sunday Fundays. 

Lottie Deverall

Field Master - Lottie has hunted with the bloodhounds since she was 10 years old, having also been an amateur whip she is now enjoying leading the field. Lottie rides racehorses for a living and is skilled at teaching and bringing on young horses. Lottie leads on Bailey a character with a big heart and amazing jump!

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Arran Fearn

Whip - Arran has been riding long before he could even walk! Riding on the front of his dads saddle as his dad ran a horse riding holiday business. Having started with the farmers bloodhounds in 2014, he soon became addicted to the sport, travelling every week with his horses Billy and Esty. A keen hedge hopper Arran enjoys working closely with the hounds and Oscar to ensure that the field get to enjoy the beautiful countryside. whilst listening to the hounds in full cry.

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Dave Pratley

Whip - Dave is an integral member of The Farmers Bloodhounds. For many years Dave has given up a lot of his personal time to help set up days as well as whipping in every Sunday. Dave rides with the experience and skill only achieved by many hours in the saddle doing a job that he and his horses clearly love.

Sammy Harfield

Sammy has been hunting since she started on a lead rein. She events and team chases. Sammy could be described as a thruster never one for opening gates or going around an opportunity. Sammy gets to lead us across the beautiful Worcestershire countryside. 

Second Field Masters

Our second field masters offer a non jumping option. These are very experienced horsewomen who will take you accross beautiful countryside, keeping up with the main field. They will offer smaller jumps or gateways if the terrain allows. 

Support Team

The support team are always about making sure that the day runs smoothly! The quad bike team  repatriate horses and riders and are on hand should you need any help. Our wonderful catering team are ready and waiting with refreshments and smiles at the end of each line and of course they are ready with a fabulous bar-b-que and drinks at the end of the day. 

The Farmers Bloodhounds are well known for the care that they take in repairing and restoring the countryside. Our support team work hard before and after events.