The Tumblers Club

Whilst we all hope that you don't fall off and injure yourself or your horse whilst out hunting with the Farmers Bloodhounds, it may sometimes be said to be an inevitable part of the sport. The FBH Team will always be on hand to repatriate you and your horse and assist with anyunfortunate events. Please note there is a seperate page discussing insurances. 

If you take a tumble we ask that you pay a small donation of £5. This donation goes to the Air Ambulance. The Air Ambulance relies heavily on these donations. The equestrian world has a close relationship with this service so we need to offer as much support as possible. 

There is also a much coveted trophy for the best Tumbler at the end of the season!

Digital payments will soon be avaliable on the day but until then pull out a £5 note and giggle as you brush off the mud!